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Promoting yourself is essential to increase the visibility of your company. With KowalWeb you will have the guarantee of being supported at all times, in order to get the best spending the least.


KowalWeb Web Agency

KowalWeb, the cutest penguin on the web!


KowalWeb is a brand. A simple name that refers to a cute penguin as a logo. This is our job! Make from a "simple" name: something of exceptional.

We do this: analyze your company and, according to your real needs, we study with you a marketing strategy to achieve the predetermined objectives! finishing the study, let's move on to the facts… A dedicated agent will take care of your services to have the most efficient service possible.


The birth of KowalWeb

The history of KowalWeb began in 2014, when the founder began to work in the world of the World Wide Web. After working as a freelancer he decided to set up, with other partners, a Multiservice company dealing with different sectors. The need for a local reference point was immediately noticed and the IT Division was born. Thanks to a particular office and a dedicated team, SanVir is therefore able to offer its customers the creation of Websites and related technical assistance services.


A year later

After a start-up period, the IT Division began operating as a Web Agency throughout the Sardinian territory. Immediately it was characterized by its propensity to develop Web Sites, offering its services mainly to local companies. Together with the Web Agency activity, it has strengthened its structure so as to be able to offer increasingly specialized technical assistance services. Services that, immediately, found an excellent response with the needs of customers.


A new office

In this year SanVir has chosen to completely separate Web services from technical assistance ones. Given the high number of requests and the need for a more organized structure, the SanVir Web Agency was born. Together with a new brand, there is also the need to have a new point of reference in northern Sardinia. Thus it was that, thanks to a collaboration with one of our customers, the Sassari office was born. Located in Sassari, in the very central Via G. Maria Angioy, it immediately had a purely commercial destination, thus becoming a reference point for customers located in northern Sardinia.


Welcome KowalWeb

Thanks to the development of various important projects in Milan, Rome and Florence, in the middle of the year, the need to create a unique, nice and captivating brand was crucial. After a periode of analysis and study, the idea of starting KowalWeb came to light. A brand that will group within itself various devisions born from the needs of the customers. 2017 is an important year for us.


Spain & Portugal

THEIn this year KowalWeb decided to expand beyond national borders. Thanks to a partnership with a Portuguese company we were able to open operational offices on site, in order to operate in the Spanish and Portuguese market. However it is not only a Web Agency… KowalWeb is working also on a project in Portugal for the dissemination and cultural promotion of some cities.


Beyond the European borders

In addition to the development of the quality of SEO and Social Media Marketing services offered to customers such as, in 2019, KowalWeb is starting to test the extra-European market. Thanks to a partnership with a Tunisian company, it has begun to enter the North African market.


We never give up

2020 is a difficult year for all of us. The global crisis, however, has not discouraged us ... Thanks to our professionalism and the ability to carry out meetings, video conferences and remote assistance, KowalWeb has continued, stronger than ever, to offer the possibility to many companies to move their activities on the web and on remote commerce. Thanks to incredible offers to try to meet companies, we have made it possible to continue many activities and to develop new on-demand projects.

Web Marketing

Marketing experts at the service of the company

Our multilingual staff is not only composed of marketing experts. Who works with KowalWeb is, first of all, a passionate about communication and the internet world in general. This passion allows us to work alongside with our customers as if their projects were ours.


Our motto? Get the best, spending the minimum.



Each company is different! Each one has its own needs and its target. Each website must reflect all of this.