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Frequently Asked Questions about Social Marketing and Website

Frequently Asked Questions

Why have a website?

Having a website is an excellent business card for your customers but it is above all a way to ensure that new customers come into contact with your company. Many limit themselves to seeing their website only as a digital business card of their company: nothing could be more wrong! It certainly helps to show detailed services and products to your existing customers, but above all the Website, if well optimized at SEO level (find out more by clicking here) is the tool with which your company will appear in Google search results when your customer searches for a business like yours in your area of operation. In addition to making your company visible on the internet, your website can offer countless services to your customers:

  • the possibility of receiving your offers through e-mail marketing campaigns
  • pay for your products or services by credit card in total safety
  • offer exclusive material to your existing customers (online guides, video courses, online discounts etc.)
  • track who has already visited your website and then create targeted advertising campaigns
  • and countless other features ...

What is the difference between your websites and those of the competitors ?

Professionalism. This word would be enough to answer your question but let's go into further detail. In recent years, thanks to free online services, anyone could create their own website for themselves. Thanks to these services, many "phantom webmasters" have also been born who for a few tens of euros sell equally phantom Web sites. What many do not know, however, is that nice graphics are not the key to a successful Web site. What is really important is the heart of the Website: excellent optimization on Google following detailed analysis, security, intuitiveness and usability, the code used, stability, coordination, perfect optimization for mobile devices and much else. These are the elements that differentiate a website of an "elusive webmaster" from the sites of KowalWeb which in its staff has expert webmasters with over 10 years of experience in Web Development, Data Analysis and Digital Marketing. Creating a poor quality website is equivalent to simply throwing away even those few tens of euros and finding yourself with a potentially useful but practically useless tool. So be wary of these adventurers and turn exclusively to professionals who with their decades of experience know the Web like the back of their hand.

How much does a website cost?

One of the most frequently asked questions is certainly this: how much does it cost to create my website? In order to answer this question correctly it is good to know the services you want to offer to your customers:

  • Do you want a single page where to show a certain product or service? You need a simple Landing Page (click here to know the price) where to take visitors to a certain action?
    What is right for you is undoubtedly a One Page Site where thanks to anchors you can make users navigate the sections of a single page.
  • Is your website just a tool with which to show your company and products to your potential customers?
    In this case then what is right for you is undoubtedly a Standard Website (click here to know the price). This is the solution most used by all companies.
  • Do you want to sell products or services directly from your website? In this case, what is right for you is undoubtedly an E-Commerce (click here to know the price). In this case, you need to carefully analyze the products you want to sell, the variables of each product, the number, any synchronization with management software and other elements that can determine the price.

What is the duration andwhat are the steps to develop a website?

The timing of creation of a website often varies from case to case. A OnePage site with just one page will certainly be faster than an E-Commerce with hundreds of products and numerous static and dynamic pages. Another factor that affects the timing are the texts: will you provide the texts and we will oppose their layout or will our copywriters create the texts from scratch based on your information? Given this, generally, the lead times are 10 working days for a OnePage Website, 20 days for a Standard Website (Showcase) and about 30 days for an E-Commerce.

The steps that we will instead follow will be the following:

  • Sending detailed estimate and acceptance of the same
  • Presentation (via Video Conference) of some graphic solutions (Demo) following your tastes and those of the customers in the sector, always based on an intuitive and captivating style.
  • Based on the previously chosen graphic solution, we will create the pages of the Website.
  • Presentation (via Video Conference) of the entire Website.
  • Populating the Website with the content you provide or created by our copywriters.
  • Presentation of the Website with its contents.
  • Application of any improvements and corrections to the draft.
  • Delivery of the Website
  • Monitoring of about 10 days for any corrections on positioning and intuitiveness.

What material and information do I need to provide to create a website?

Our goal is to make the creation of the Website as easy as possible for you. We will take care of everything. What we will need is only the following:

  • Texts to be included on the Website
    • You can decide to provide the texts to be included on the Website yourself and our copywriters will then arrange these texts according to the structure of the Website and SEO optimization.
    • We can take care of the x-novo realization of the texts based on the information you provide
  • Images
    • If you have specific and real images of your company it is good to send them to us so that we can apply them
    • If you do not have such photos or they are not enough, we will take care of finding copyrights free images suitable for your business and then place them on your Website.
  • Tips
    • Communication with the customer is important to us. For this reason it will be essential to interface transparently in order to create an intuitive website suitable for the target of your business. It is very important for us to receive advice and suggestions from those who know their business.

Why contact you if I can manage my social page by myself?

Anyone can manage their Facebook page or Instagram profile. The difference between a "personal" management and a professional management is however the key to the success of a Brand on Social Networks. Our Staff, with years of experience in Social Media Marketing, knows what users want before starting, they read the statistical data to optimize publications and promotions every day, create captivating tailor-made graphics following the tastes of their customers and above all will be continuous in publications. Continuity on Social Networks, accompanied by a professional and friendly dialogue between Page and Customer, is the key to success.