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Each company has its own brand. Our main goal is to ensure that the brand reflects your website 100%. This is what we have already done with hundreds of companies. watch yourself ...



Sun Biotan®

The Portuguese company leader in the sale of tanning machines for professionals has turned to KowalWeb for the creation of an interactive portal that deals with sales, promotion, assistance and blogging.

A complete multilingual website that manages online sales in installments and with deposit, interactive map, data tracking, information thanks to a Blog and numerous functions reserved for professionals who purchase products. It comes with intuitive and captivating graphics that make navigation simple and enjoyable on any device.


A young startup with Italian roots launches an innovative project on the international market. To create their community and develop the Landing Page and the payment system they decided to turn to KowalWeb.

A website developed on a single page with fresh and intuitive graphics. The Site, in English, allows the payment of a subscription and the related integrations with e-mail marketing software that allow numerous automations.


ByteInt is an Irish company, with Sardinian roots, oriented towards the future and towards new technologies with DEFI, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and Analysis of large numbers. ByteInt turned to KowalWeb to give a new look to its website and make it more suitable for the topic.

Website with minimal graphics that combines modernity and simplicity of navigation. A predominant orange allows an important detachment from a light and pleasant background. Available in English and Italian, it allows, thanks to a targeted path, to get in touch with the company.

Cook at Home

An innovative and fun project. The Multiprofessional Studio Together in launching an innovative service in a period of crisis such as that of Covid-19 has decided to rely on KowalWeb.

A website with simple navigation and youthful graphics allows users to send a quote and receive, in a partially automated way, an answer in a short time with the direct link to payment. Pleasant graphics and perfect optimization with mobile devices do the rest.

Assist Digital

Assist Digital is an international company, with headquarters in over 5 countries, which in the last ten years has experienced significant growth thanks to the wide range of innovative services.

This website with professional and intuitive graphics is presented in French and English. Marked colors and a studied path lead the user to the final CTA. In this project, an advanced study was carried out for positioning on the local market and the subsequent application of the best optimizations for an excellent organic positioning on Google.



Fashion4Work is a company specialized in the sale of personalized clothing for work. Fashion4Work is the result of years of offline sales which, due to the COVID emergency, had to be brought to the Web. To take this step, Fashion4Work therefore decided to turn to KowalWeb for the development of a complete, intuitive and design e-commerce.

An e-commerce with captivating and modern graphics. A style designed for all age groups that makes navigation within it intuitive even for the less experienced. It hosts within six miles of products with different variables (color, size etc.) ready for online sale all over the world.

Vinicio Sanna

For many years now the Master Builder of Launeddas Vinicio Sanna has decided to make this incredible instrument known to the whole world. To do this he turned to KowalWeb. Together, for years now, they have spread an important part of Sardinian culture.

A complete website allows users to get to know the musical instruments of Sardinia, allows their online sale and shipping in a totally automated way. There is also an integrated platform that allows the purchase and viewing of online courses. Finally, a Blog allows greater interaction between users and the Teacher.

Manuela Carboni

Doing a quality branding is equivalent to investing in your name. This happened to Manuela Carboni. With over 15 years of experience as a Marketing Consultant, she has decided to invest in her own name. She turned to KowalWeb to develop a website that reflected her style and professionalism.

An elegant graphic reflects the subject's Brand. This website is very intuitive and clear. It has various elements that show all the services in different graphics. Furthermore, the study of the path and of the individual pages always lead the visitor to carry out the desired operation.

IM Finance Ltd

IM Finance Ltd. is an Irish company specializing in financial services and Ethereum tokenization. KowalWeb was the protagonist of a total restyling of the website that gave a touch of seriousness and professionalism that allowed the company to address the international market with a different perspective.

Multilingual website with a professional and sober design that integrates within itself different reserved areas for viewing documents and data dedicated to registered users.

Studio Multiprofessionale Insieme

The Studio Multiprofessionionale Insieme is the result of a collaboration of experts in multiple fields that provide a complete solution for companies with twenty years of experience. A group of legal, managerial and promotional experts have decided to collaborate with KowalWeb.

Website with captivating and modern graphics tries to simplify communication between the Firm and visitors as much as possible. Thanks to an intuitive navigation path, simple language and excellent indexing techniques, this site reaches the targeted companies.


Canix Sardinian Dog Wear deals with the sale throughout Europe of accessories for Cross Dogs. After months of telephone sales, Canix decided to turn to KowalWeb to create a professional and efficient sales solution.

This website has a simple and intuitive graphics to allow easy navigation to a broad target of potential public. Includes seamless integration of advanced product features, online and offline payments, and shipping. 

Valentina Passalacqua

Thanks to a Partnership with a Communication Agency specialized in Food & Wine, the worldwide organic wine specialist Valentina Passalacqua has entrusted KowalWeb to design and develop her new E-Commerce.

This Website, available in multiple languages, has an intuitive and simple graphics. Inside, in addition to allowing the worldwide sale of the products, there is a Wine Club that allows a complete interaction between the company and organic wine enthusiasts. An interesting concept that allows for an incredible symbiosis between the two parties.

Hémisphère Sud Nancy

Hémisphère Sud is a chain of furniture stores present throughout France. Modern furniture and unique decorative objects are what characterize this chain. Hémisphère Sud Nancy turned to KowalWeb for the creation of an E-Commerce that allows the online request for a personalized quote.

Striking colors at the right point are what characterize this Site / Catalog. A decisive green stands out and reflects the identity of the chain. The Site features an advanced online quote function and hosts hundreds of ready-to-sell products.

Oncoturbanti Leonessa

A noble idea and mission. Bringing elegance and the pleasure of feeling beautiful to those who suffer. This is the mission of Oncoturbanti Leonessa, and with this company KowalWeb has been doing its best for years to make this possible.

This website is simple, clear and no frills. Its goal is not to grab the attention of customers and / or visitors to additional offers or products. Its only purpose, with intuitive graphics, is to show the available products and bring the customer to purchase through a simplified process to the maximum.


Gommonautica has been relying on the services of KowalWeb for 6 years now. In recent years, a long and productive working path has been made that has brought the Brand to its current result. 

This website is visited daily by hundreds of users from all over the world who interact with the numerous features thanks to an advanced multilingual system. This project also focuses on SEO optimization to have impeccable organic indexing.

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