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Make sure your website is visible on Google. It is essential that each website follows important rules so that it is displayed among the first positions during Google searches.


Become first on Google

Find out how to really get your website up on search engines!


We bring your website to the top of Google. It is not enough to have an attractive website, what is really important is that it is perfectly indexed in the main search engines. In order for this to happen it is good, during the creation phase, to follow a set of rules that determine the visibility or not of a site. Thanks to our SEO experts we will create your site so that it is displayed in the first search results when a user searches on Google for your category. Not the name, that would be too easy!


SEO consultant

Let's find out together how to increase your visibility

We analyze your company and the target you are selecting, your products and / or services and your competition to study an effective solution to increase your turnover.


Organic positioning

Let's make your website a great friend of Google!

We follow all the rules of Google during the creation phase so that it is well seen by the most used search engine. Only in this way you can be truly visible.


Google ADS

Let's create your Google campaigns to be the first!

If organic indexing is not enough, we will put you in first position thanks to high-converting promotional campaigns on Google.

Free SEO Analysis of your Website

How to be first on Google

Every day we work to make your website higher and higher!


Be wary of those who pretend to be "Google" and sell phantom incredible placements. In order for your website to be well positioned organically (without any paid ad campaign) over time, constant updating work is required according to the customer's tastes. Only in this way can you be indexed for the right keywords.


SEO content

In order for the pages to be positioned on Google it is good to insert quality content in addition to the most searched words by the right users.


Social Network

The ease of sharing social networks allows you to take advantage of this channel to increase your visibility on Google.



Let's choose a domain together that allows you to express the personality of your company and reach your target


Server & Speed

Thanks to KowalHost we guarantee high performance SSD servers that, by speeding up your site, help indexing on Google.

Which SEO plan is right for you?

Choose between a monthly plan that guarantees you continuity or the one-time package, ideal for websites with poor SEO scores.

SEO Monthly

starting from …



This SEO plan allows you to have your website always positioned among the top positions thanks to the daily analysis of your users. We will make changes every week to make sure everything is perfect.

Image compression periodic
Check SEO Localization periodic
Tracking / entering keywords
Insertion of SEO tags up to H6
Sitemap update daily
Trend report frequent

just ...


If after an SEO check you have realized that your website has a poor score this is the right solution for you. With this revision we will integrate the main SEO rules to make your website visible.

Image compression
SEO localization
Insertion up to 5 keywords
Insertion of SEO tags up to H3
Sitemap Insertion / Communication
No Report


starting from …



Your website can always be improved. Opt for this optimization after an SEO review or if your score is good enough. By choosing this package your site will be optimized for the main search engines.

Image compression
SEO localization
Insertion up to 10 keywords
Insertion of SEO tags up to H6
Sitemap Insertion / Communication
Trend report at the end of the work

Start optimization right away

If you are interested in our SEO Optimization fill out the form below and one of our operators will contact you within 24 hours to provide you with all the details. If you want to simply ask us a few questions, click here.

KowalWeb, much more than a Web Agency

Social Networks are very important for your organic positioning!


By sharing links to pages, articles and other contents of your website on social networks you can increase the visibility of your company. Creating quality content, therefore, is a fundamental aspect. Our SEO consultants will combine your information and your products by creating content following the optimization strategy that suits you best. Creating interactions and connections between your social pages and the pages of your website will allow your site to gain a greater reputation and override your competitors on the SERP.



Each company is different! Each one has its own needs and its target. Each website must reflect all of this.